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Welcome, Discover our estate, our wines and learn more about our history and family ! 

The ABBAYE DE SALAZ was established by the monks of St Maurice in the year 1000. This rural estate and winery is located in the small hamlet of Salaz, in the Swiss region of Chablais Vaudois. The original name lives on but the Abbaye is now owned and maintained by the Huber-Kropf family.


explore our wines

Our vineyard is built in terraces, supported by impressive dry stone walls. Attentive to the richness of nature, we try to preserve the fauna and flora of our vineyard. We grow 13 different varieties of grapes. The climate of our region is characterized by mild temperatures and the presence of the foehn (a warm southern wind) which allows excellent ripening of the grapes.


visit us during our public events and open-cellar days

Every year during the summer months, we organize events open to the public. From outdoor film screenings to a walking tour of local vineyards, there are many ways to discover our estate & wines in the authentic and peaceful atmosphere of the Abbaye!

26-27-28 APRIL

"Bucoliques", Garden and plant market

8-9 June

"Caves ouvertes vaudoises", canton of Vaud's official open cellar days

15-16-17-18 AUGUST

"Ciné plein air", Open air cinema evenings


"Balades", open cellar days of all the winemakers of the Ollon area

6-7-8 DEcEMBER

"Marché de Noël", our very own christmas market


cellar visits & wine tastings

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

organise your privatE event

Please contact us. We will be happy to customize a package for your special occasion at the Abbaye.


Abbaye de Salaz / Route de l'Abbay 15 / 1867 Ollon

Telefon : +41 (0)79 586 38 32

Holidays : December 23th - March 31st / Easter / August 1st

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The Abbaye de Salaz was property of the Abbaye of St Maurice from the 11th century on. The main house of the Abbaye de Salaz was initially the residence of monks who worked the land. It later served as an administrative centre, consisting of a courthouse and a prison. In 1636, the estate stretched over 1,700 acres of meadows, fields, forests, pastures and farms, where wines were skillfully produced.

In the 17th century, the Abbaye de Salaz was used as an almshouse where poor people and penniless travellers could stay.  The local community treasured this charitable organization. However, due to debts incurred during the Sonderbund War, the estate was reduced to 100 acres and passed on to private owners in 1851.

Max Zbinden, a Bernese farmer, bought the estate one hundred years later. Here begins our story...


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Max Zbinden settled at the Abbaye de Salaz in 1949. He and his young wife worked and operated the farm’s 100 acres, growing grains, apples and berries, as well as breeding dairy cows. Special care was given to the vineyard, requiring a large number of workers.

Their two daughters, Margreth and Lotti, both born at the Abbaye, took over the business and settled there with their respective families. The vineyard was widely improved and expanded. Today, the third generation -- Bernard, Michel, Janine, and Philippe -- continues the family tradition: Bernard is now the head winemaker, Michel and Janine manage the Abbaye events and catering, and Philippe manages the Abbaye's agricultural activity.

The third generation is passionate about sharing the beauty and history of the Abbaye with guests from near and far. 

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