Abbaye de Salaz - Terms of Service 2019

1 - Booking

We offer our services to groups of 20 people or more. All booking (including menu selection and number of people) must be done ahead of time. We charge 50% of the price for any missing person.

2 – Halls

Our prices includes the use of one hall unless the number of people requires two. Several groups can come the same day. The exclusive use of both our halls and terrace can be requested for an extra Fr. 300.-

3 – Terrace

The event can take place outside in the event of good weather conditions. We position the tables dependent on the number of people attending and the amount of shade at that time.

4 – Decoration

The event host is responsible for his or her own decorations. We only accept candles with proper protection, so please check in beforehand if you choose to include them.
Decorations must be removed the same day.

5 – Music and Entertainment

The event host is also responsible for any music or entertainment. After 10pm, music can be played inside only. The Abbaye de Salaz has the authority to ask you to turn down the volume if it is too loud. No music at all after midnight. Fireworks are not allowed.

6 – Opening Hours

The event host must notify Abbaye de Salaz at what time the guests will arrive. Lunch : Ends at 5pm
Dinner during the week : Ends at midnight
Dinner on Friday & Saturday: Ends at 1am

7- Prices for Children

Price for menus :

  • 0 to 3 years: Free. (number of babies must still be indicated for seating)

  • 4 to 16 years: half-price

  • Price for aperitifs:

  • 0 to 3 years: free.

  • 4 years and up: full price

8 – Wine, Beers and Spirits

The Abbaye de Salaz only offers wine of its own, beer from the Ste-Croix Brewery and homemade spirits. There are no other alcoholic beverages other than those listed for sale.

9 – Weddings

A deposit of Fr. 200.- is required for weddings. The rest must be paid in full on the day of the reception.

10 - Wedding ceremony

The setting of a ceremony costs CHF 300.-. It includes: the provision of chairs, a high table for the ceremonial, an arch if desired.

11 – Parking

There is a large place available for event parking, between the Abbaye’s two large warehouse structures. The path to the Abbaye de Salaz must remain clear.

12 – Handicap Access

Parking, reception halls, and terrace are all located on the same level. Bathrooms can only be accessed by climbing a few wide steps. Unfortunately, there is no ramp available here.



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